our proposal

We are delighted that we have been selected to exhibit our work at the RIBA alongside Erect Architecture and Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, as the centre piece of the RIBA's Constructing Communities exhibition. Our submitted design was for a charity pavilion to help raise awareness and resources to help the increasing child refugee crisis. Through the support of the RIBA, our winning proposal will be constructed at a 1:1 scale and will be on display at 66 Portland Place as part of London Architecture Festival, from the 21st of June to the 6th of August. Our design work will also feature at an exhibition of the wider response of architects to community at Peckham Levels from the 1st to the 30th of June. Follow our progress from concept to completion below:

Photograph by Richard Timmins

Photograph by Richard Timmins

20.05.16 - Construction

Below you can see the whole build unfold through a two day time lapse. Photos of the building progress show how the elements fit together vie prefabricated slots CNC routed into each element. Once in position pieces are then hammered together and secured via wedge joints.

2 day construction time lapse. Thank you to all our volunteers and every one who help make it possible

17.05.16 - Off site testing

The CNC routed elements have arrived. It time to see what we can build off site and test all the joints to make sure it will stand up!


Progress updates showing the development of our competition proposal. The design will develop more as we collaborate with our CNC manufacturer.